Structured Testing of Information Systems

structured-testingMartin Pol and Erik van Veenendaal
Kluwer Publishing, Deventer, The Netherlands

TMap (Test Management approach) is a generic model, applicable for every test level and test activity relating to information systems. The book gives insight into the basic principles of structured testing. Additionally, TMap is linked to new technologies and development methods. Special attention is paid to testing related to client/server applications, OO and packages. The approach has been successfully used in many projects and organisations; in fact it has become the de facto standard for testing. It is frequently used in banks, insurance companies, pension funds and government agencies as well as in smaller organisations and market sectors such as embedded software, telecommunications and logistics. The book primarily focuses on people who are involved practically in one or more aspects of the test process and who want to gain relatively quick insight into structured testing of information systems. It is an introductory volume containing a summary of the Dutch 600 page book ‘Testen volgens TMap’ (‘Testing according to TMap’).

“If you want to do software testing properly, but find yourself struggling at every stage with the practical realities of information system development as it really happens, then you should read this book.” — Dorothy Graham, Grove Consultants


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