Project Control: Satisfying the Customer

satisfying-the-customerKatrina Maxwell, Serge Oligny, Rob Kusters and Erik van Veenendaal
Shaker Publishing, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Requirements volatility is probably the single most critical component of software development, control and cost estimation. Even a slight change to requirements at a late stage in a project can have a disastrous impact on cost, schedule and quality. However, a project in which requirements remain fixed may not be a success from a customers’ viewpoint. To address these important issues we chose ‘Controlling Software Projects: Satisfying the Customer’ as the conference theme for ESCOM 2001, and the SCOPE-track within it. Thus in addition to traditional papers, several papers present pioneering work to better understand the human factor aspects of requirements volatility and its impact on software projects and product quality. The proceedings include experience reports, studies of best practice, new research concepts, and in-depth quantitative analysis.


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