Project Control for Software Quality

project-control-for-softwarRob Kusters, Adrian Cowderoy, Fred Heemstra and Erik van Veenendaal
Shaker Publishing, Maastricht, The Netherlands

The ESCOM SCOPE 99 conference brought together industry leaders and top academics from around the world to explore ways in which software project control methods could be integrated closely with quality specification and evaluation. The latest thinking was combined with enhancements of mature methods and broad experience of introducing change.

This conference marks the conclusion of a century which began with mechanical calculators and later programmable computers. The arrival of low cost computing, the Internet, and the explosive increase in user-programming brings new challenges to the control of software projects and product quality. Challenges on which our prosperity, lifestyles and actual lives depends.

The book is a collecting of paper on topics such as process management, estimation, risk, metrics programs, maintenance, re-use, fault prediction, inspection, certification, product quality and usability.


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